3S1 machine installation
S1 – 1 new
S1 – 2 new
AOI camera
Xcede module
Testing mid-plane
Testing large backplane-rear
Testing Large backplane front
S1 4 Heads
S1 Modules
Self Test plate
Testing 2 boards
Pinbar AOI test
Pin length test
Module pick-up
Module range
Module storage
Moving electronics
Magazine Done
Module line up 2017
Module line up 2018
Module Line-up
Compliant modules
Electrical interface
Machine Schematic
machine concept
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  • Fixtureless Test Solution
  • Automated Optical Inspection
  • DC Electrical test
  • Tests any backplane –
    Small, large, simple, complex
  • Now available with 4  heads

Additional information

Fault Coverage
Mating Side Missing/Bent Pins

Other AOI Faults - Guide Pins etc.



Electrical Component Faults

Test Functions

DC Electrical Test (capacitance)

Pin Depth Measurement

DMM Electrical Component Test

Mechanical Measurement Test

High Voltage

Board Type
Assembled Boards
Bare Boards
LIne Cards
Download Machine Comparison Chart
1- Single Sided Only
2 - Using TDR/VNA Measurement (depends on board architecture)

Dimensions & Diagrams

RoBAT S1 Dimensions


  • Uses 224 pin modules for very fast electrical test – can be spring probes or mating connector
  • Combined electrical + AOI test in one machine
  • Measures Continuity, Isolation + analogue components
  • Tests every type of backplane – small/large, simple/complex – There are no pin pitch or pin quantity limits
  • Tests every type of connector – fine pitch signal to heavy power connectors
  • Tests both single and double sided assemblies – Up to 1400mm (55”) x 700mm (27.55”)
  • Very fast to changeover product types < 5 minutes
  • Has very low tooling cost
  • Programmable 50-1500V isolation test for 16 fixed + 2 moving probes
  • Guard point testing for 2 terminal analogue components
  • A very fast test time – typically 4 – 15 minutes
  • Easy to program and commission – typically < 2 days to complete – common suite with other RoBAT systems.
  • Expandable to other test options e.g. Eeprom Programming
  • Easy to modify test program for product changes
  • Offline Graphical Repair station
  • Extended life of mating module due to high reliability of design and robotics
  • Now available as a 4-head machine, speeding up test times by up to 50%
  • 4 heads will also enable end to end resistive testing
  • High resolution AOI system detects bent pin faults with a great degree of accuracy. Best pin test tolerance can be set as low as +/- 0.1mm

Documents & Downloads


To view the product video on Youku go to https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDE0MjQ0ODEyMA==.html