RCI – 1
RCI – 2
TDR measurements
RCI – 4 new
0 – 4 Heads Still
1 – 4 Head Cover
3 – 4 Head Labels
2 – 4 Head No Cover
4 – Head & Rear View of Module
5 – Head & Module Rotated
TDR Module (1)
TDR Module (2)
TDR Module (3)
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  • TDR & TDT, Measurement Capabilities
  • Impedance, Skew, Backdrill measurements
  • Automated Optical Inspection
  • DC Electrical Test
  • Now available with 4  heads
  • 24 port  (1 port per channel) TDR/TDT unit
  • Future capabilities – Fully automated VNA test (4 port S-Parameter Measurement)
Video4 Head

Additional information

Fault Coverage
Mating Side Missing/Bent Pins

Other AOI Faults - Guide Pins etc.

Bent Under Compliant Pins (under connector)

Missing Compliant Pins (under connector)

Concertina Compliant Pins (under connector)

Incorrect Back Drilling

Skew Faults

Impedance Faults



Electrical Component Faults

Test Functions

DC Electrical Test (capacitance)

Pin Depth Measurement

TDR High Speed SI Test

DMM Electrical Component Test

Mechanical Measurement Test

High Voltage

Board Type
Assembled Boards
Bare Boards
LIne Cards
Download Machine Comparison Chart
1- Single Sided Only
2 - Using TDR/VNA Measurement (depends on board architecture)

Dimensions & Diagrams


  • Fully automatic TDR/TDT test modes, allowing 100% of high speed nets to be tested in a production environment
  • New TDR measurement unit has 24 ports (1 port per channel)
  • New TDR unit is twice as fast as previous unit
  • Test capabilities include but not limited to impedance, Skew and Backdrill measurements
  • Tests both single and double sided Assemblies – Up to 1400mm (55”) x 700mm (27.55”)
  • Tests Backplane cable assembly configurations
  • Test All types of connector configurations
  • AOI alignment – automatically aligns mating part with individual connectors to avoid damage
  • Retains all S1 test capabilities and test options
  • Has low tooling (fixture) cost due to using existing technology used in our current machines
  • Extended test life of mating test cards due to high reliability of design and robotics
  • Now available as a 4 head machine

New Capabilities

Future Capabilities

  • 100% fully automated VNA test (4 Port S-Parameter measurements)
  • True differential measurements

Downloads & Documents


To view the product video on Youku go to https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDE0MTY3ODUxNg==.html

To view the 4 Head video on Youku go to https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDE0MTY3NTMzMg==.html