• TDR & TDT, Measurement Capabilities
  • Impedance, Skew, Backdrill measurements
  • Automated Optical Inspection
  • DC Electrical Test
  • Now available with 4  heads
  • 24 port  (1 port per channel) TDR/TDT unit
  • Future capabilities – Fully automated VNA test (4 port S-Parameter Measurement)

Additional Information

Test Functions

Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • Yes
DC Electrical Test (capacitance)
  • Yes
DC Electrical Test (resistive)
  • Yes-Available with 4-head option
TDR High Speed SI Test
  • Yes
VNA High Speed SI Test
  • Yes-Available with 4-head option
DMM Electrical Component Test
  • Yes
Mechanical Measurement Test
  • Yes
Pin Depth Measurement
  • Yes
High Voltage
  • Yes (available as an option)

Fault Coverage

Mating Side Missing/Bent Pins
  • Yes
Other AOI Faults - Guide Pins etc.
  • Yes
Bent Under Compliant Pins (under connector)
  • Yes (Using either single pointer TD/VNA measurement)
Missing Compliant Pins (under connector)
  • Yes (Using either single pointer TD/VNA measurement)
Concertina Compliant Pins (under connector)
  • Yes (Using either single pointer TD/VNA measurement)
Incorrect Back Drilling
  • Yes
Skew Faults
  • Yes
Impedance Faults
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
Electrical Component Faults
  • Yes
Download Machine Comparison Chart
1- Available as an option
2 - Available with 4-head option
3 - Using single point PDM module
4 - Using either a single point module or using TDR/VNA measurement (depends on board architecture)

Dimensions & Diagrams

Product Description

  • Fully automatic TDR/TDT test modes, allowing 100% of high speed nets to be tested in a production environment
  • New TDR measurement unit has 24 ports (1 port per channel)
  • New TDR unit is twice as fast as previous unit
  • Test capabilities include but not limited to impedance, Skew and Backdrill measurements
  • Tests both single and double sided Assemblies – Up to 1400mm (55”) x 700mm (27.55”)
  • Tests Backplane cable assembly configurations
  • Test All types of connector configurations
  • AOI alignment – automatically aligns mating part with individual connectors to avoid damage
  • Retains all S1 test capabilities and test options
  • Has low tooling (fixture) cost due to using existing technology used in our current machines
  • Extended test life of mating test cards due to high reliability of design and robotics
  • Now available as a 4 head machine

New Capabilities

Future Capabilities

  • 100% fully automated VNA test (4 Port S-Parameter measurements)
  • True differential measurements

Downloads & Documents

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