High Speed Test for assembled daughtercards
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Linecard Module (2)
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High Speed Test for Assembled Daughtercards

  • RAF/RAM Test Interface
  • Fully Automatic Test
  • AOI Connector Inspection
  • Multiple boards can be testing at the same time for high volume applications


  • RCI machine can easily be adapted to test Linecards/Daughtercards
  • Unique mating connector modules allows up to 24 high speed nets to be tested simultaneously
  • Board can be tested in either TDR mode or VNA mode
  • 100% high speed net coverage
  • Test capabilities include but not limited to impedance, IL. RL and skew in SE and DIFF modes
  • Board mounting frames are lightly sprung loaded to allow for full and safe connector insertion
  • Automatic module alignment allows for precise positioning of the mating connector prior to insertion
  • Multiple units can be loaded into the machine at the same time
  • Cassette based loading system with pneumatic clamps to aid a very fast load/unload process
  • Two robotic heads can test simultaneously to maximise throughput
  • AOI used for board/module alignment and connector inspection


To view the product video on Youku go to https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDE0MjQ0NTY3Mg==.html