Bare Board Testing
Bare Board Frame (Medium)
Bare Board Module (Medium)
Bare frame detail (Medium)
Boare Board pins (Medium)
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Bare Board Testing

  • TDR/VNA for Bare Board Backplanes and PCBA’s
  • 100% High Speed Testing
  • Custom PCB Footprint Test Head
  • DIFF & SE Measurements


  • RCI machine can easily be adapted to test bare board backplanes and PCBAs
  • Unique bare board module allows up to 24 high speed nets to be tested simultaneously
  • Module footprint matches connector hole pattern
  • Board can be tested in either TDR mode or VNA mode
  • 100% high speed net coverage – no more coupon testing and then hoping for the best!
  • Test capabilities include but not limited to impedance, IL. RL and skew in SE and DIFF modes
  • Board mounting frames are lightly sprung loaded to allow consistent probe compression on each insertion
  • Tests both single sided and double-sided assemblies. Depending on the configuration of the machine, each side of a double-sided board can be tested simultaneously.
  • Large format panels can be tested on the machine (up to 1400mm x 700mm)
  • Boards that have been panelised on an angle to improve SI performance are not a problem for the RCI machine due to it’s rotating test head
  • Automatic module alignment allows for precise positioning of the contact points onto the bare board