• High Resolution X-ray Test
  • Automated Optical Inspection
  • SMT Fault Capture
  • Fully Automated Compliant Pin Fault detection

Additional Information

Test Functions

Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • Yes
  • Yes

Fault Coverage

Mating Side Missing/Bent Pins
  • Yes
Other AOI Faults - Guide Pins etc.
  • Yes
Bent Under Compliant Pins (under connector)
  • Yes
Missing Compliant Pins (under connector)
  • Yes
Concertina Compliant Pins (under connector)
  • Yes
Metal Debris
  • Yes
Download Machine Comparison Chart
1- Available as an option
2 - Available with 4-head option
3 - Using single point PDM module
4 - Using either a single point module or using TDR/VNA measurement (depends on board architecture)

Dimensions & Diagrams

Product Description

  • Combined X-ray + AOI in one machine – detects both mating side pin faults (AOI) and compliant pin faults (x-ray)
  • Press fit connector faults – Bent under, crushed and missing compliant pins on all connector types; for example:-
    • Impel, STRADA Whisper, ExaMAX and XCede complexity
  • High resolution AOI system detects bent pin faults with a great degree of accuracy. Best pin test tolerance can be set as low as +/- 0.1mm
  • Component inspection –Missing component, component orientation, component value, and damaged component detection.
  • Solder joint inspection – Solder profile, solder area and void area detection on SMT components down to 0201, dual-in-line packages down to VSOP, quad-in-line down to lead less QFN and MLP.
  • Test times from 4 to 20 minutes
  • Tests both single and double sided Assemblies
    • – Up to 1400mm (55”) x 700mm (27.55”)
  • Has low tooling (fixture) cost due to using existing technology used in our current machines
  • Full robotic control of X-ray source and Camera position – allows features to be imaged at multiple angles.
  • 3D imaging for detailed manual fault analysis.
  • Fast programming – common suite to other RoBAT products.
  • Detailed fault printout – to pass to repair person

Coming Soon,

  • More powerful source
  • Higher resolution/faster detector
  • Ability to change the angle of the  board being tested to further enhance the machine’s 2.5D imaging capability

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