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  • 8-port high specification TDR unit
  • Handheld probe unit with customisable contacts
  • Rugged outer case
  • Flexible solution for testing high speed PCBs and coupons

Additional information

Test Functions
TDR High Speed SI Test

Fault Coverage
Impedance Faults

Incorrect Back Drilling



Skew Faults

Download Machine Comparison Chart
1- Available as an option
2 - Available with 4-head option
3 - Using TDR/VNA Measurement (depends on board architecture)


  • Available as a 2, 4 or 8 port unit.
  • Ruggedised outer case to prevent damage to TDR unit
  • Includes ergonomically designed handheld probe
  • Outer casing prevents damage to probe tips when unit is placed on a bench
  • The tip of the handheld probe can be customised to accommodate different pitches

TDR Unit Specification

Pulser / Sampler and Time base
Step Amplitude 50 -500 mV (50 Ω)
Rise Time 12ps 20–80% typical — at module
Hardware Averaging 20 Million Points/Second
Waveform Duration 50 ns and 25ns configurable
Acquisition rate 200, 400 acquisition/second
Dynamic Range 50dB
Equivalent Sample Rate 1T/s
Time base 1ps
Bandwidth 35GHz
Physical Dimensions
Dimensions 193 x 136 x 25.5 mm
Power Requirements
Voltage 12-24V DC 1.5A max
Max. Power Consumption 18W (Operating Mode), 8W (Standby)
Connectivity Gigabit Ethernet

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