220-348-SA- Brake
220-348-SA fine adjustment
220-348-SA probe tip
HTR & VTR monitor
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  • TDR, TDT and VNA measurements
  • 2-Port Ultra-compact TDR units
  • For all types of high-speed bare boards & assembled digital devices
  • Totally integrated solution

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Fault Coverage
Incorrect Back Drilling

Skew Faults

Impedance Faults



Test Functions
TDR High Speed SI Test

TDT High Speed SI Test
VNA High Speed SI Test

Board Type
Assembled Boards
Bare Boards
Coupons/Small Bare Boards
Download Machine Comparison Chart
1- Single Sided Only
2 - Using TDR/VNA Measurement (depends on board architecture)


  • Manual or semi-automatic operation
  • Available with two test heads
  • Test heads available with either 2 port integrated TDR units or single port integrated VNA units
  • High specification, ultra-compact TDR units:
  • 12ps rise time
  • 35 GHz bandwidth
  • 1ps time base
  • High specification, ultra-compact 1MHz – 43.5 GHz VNA units
  • Test probes can be connected into customer’s existing TDR or VNA units
  • Suitable for all high-speed bare boards and boards with assembled digital devices
  • 1µ encoders fitted to X and Y axes
  • Micro adjustments of 5µ for extremely accurate alignment of test module to PCB
  • Each test XY position can be recorded to enable the operator to return to the exact same location on a subsequent board. Ideal for batch testing
  • Software will guide the operator to each recorded XY position
  • Motorised axes available for semi-automatic operation
  • Full range of TDR & VNA tests and measurements available; Single-ended and differential Impedance, Skew, Backdrill discrepancies
  • Adjustable pitch signal to ground probe modules
  • Customised two channel modules available
  • X and Y axis brakes to prevent probe/PCB damage

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