SA – module changer
SA TDR unit
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  • TDR measurements
  • 2 – 24 Port Ultra-compact TDR units
  • For coupons and small high speed bare/assembled PCBs
  • Custom high speed probe inserts
  • Dedicated rigs available for high volume applications

Additional information

Test Functions
TDR High Speed SI Test

Fault Coverage
Bent Under Compliant Pins (under connector)

Concertina Compliant Pins (under connector)

Impedance Faults

Incorrect Back Drilling

Missing Compliant Pins (under connector)



Skew Faults

Download Machine Comparison Chart
1- Available as an option
2 - Available with 4-head option
3 - Using TDR/VNA Measurement (depends on board architecture)


  • Available with 2 – 24 port high specification ultra-compact TDR unit:
    • 12ps rise time
    • 35 GHz bandwidth
    • 1ps time-base
  • Up to 24 high speed connections to the PCB in one insertion
  • Very fast throughput
  • Very accurate impedance measurements
  • TDR units are less than 100mm from the PCB/coupon
  • Semi-automatic tool changer unit
  • Custom bare board modules:
    • Minimum pitch 0.8mm for differential measurements
    • No minimum pitch for single-ended TDR measurements
  • Custom assembled test modules – all high speed connectors catered for
  • Shuttle plate for easy loading of PCBs and coupons
  • Dedicated test rigs available for high volume applications
  • Configurable pass/fail windows

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