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    Adjustable Test Frame

    Adjustable Test Frame
    • Easily adjusts to fit any board up to 530mm x 1000mm
    • Ideal solution for prototypes and low-volume testing
    • Available for S1, RXI and RCI test systems

    Frame Storage Rack

    Frame Storage Rack
    • Stores up to 16 frames
    • Frames slide into rack for easy loading/removal
    • Streamline your test area

    Module Magazines

    Module Magazine
    • Holds up to 6 test modules
    • Quick release mechanism for fast changeover
    • Built-in switches for module presence detection
    • For S1 and RCI test systems
    • Gives the option to store modules offline per board type

    Module Storage Unit

    Module Storage Unit
    • Stores and protects up to 216 test modules
    • Castors fitted for portability
    • Easy inspection of interface and probe side of module
    • Drawers for additional storage

    Test Frames

    Test Frames
    • For S1, RCI and RXI test systems
    • Available in 3 standard sizes or can be custom made
    • Multi-up Board Configuration
    • Robust Construction
    • Quarter turn clamps to enable a fast load/unload process

    Test Modules

    Test Modules
    • 900+ unique modules available
    • Custom-made solutions for new connector types
    • Both probe and mating connector designs available
    • Configurations to measure; DC Electrical and High Speed
    • Expedited delivery service available

    Test Programming & Training Courses

    Test Programming & Training Courses
    • RoBAT provides a full test programming  and on-site commissioning service for backplanes and PCBA’s.
    • We also offer full on-site operator/programming courses.